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10 Easy Ways to Save Money on a Bathroom Renovation

A bathroom is the second most expensive space to renovate in the home after the kitchen. However, it is possible to cut down your renovation expenses if you follow these few money-saving tips when you want to remodel your bathroom. 

Complete Bathroom Renovations
  1. Write your budget and plans:

    Work out a plan with a professional on the design you want and the budget that will be needed. Ensure that you stick to the plan and budget all through. When you have a drafted budget, it helps you decide how much you want to spend on each renovation aspect.
  1. Do not alter the layout:

    Expansion or rearrangement processes of the bathroom that might involve moving the plumbing pipes should be avoided. When you retain your plumbing work, you save more money on your bathroom renovation. Removing a sink, bathtub, toilet, or shower requires an expert’s work and getting new piping materials. This requires more money and, thus, higher expenses.
  1. Do some of the remodelings yourself:

    Although certain tasks require an expert’s work, you might be able to cut down your expenses if you tackle some of the minor tasks by yourself, e.g., painting, removal of old fixtures, etc.
  1. Design your mirror:

    Mirrors can make your bathroom appear more attractive. But if a finished mirror is way out of your budget, purchase a builder-grade mirror and design it yourself. You can get a fantastic frame and fix it in the mirror. This gives you the desired result of a finished mirror yet with lesser expenses.
  1. Paint your bathroom:

    A new paint-work can offer a new dimension to your bathroom. Painting is one of the cheapest renovation processes, yet it can completely alter the look and feel of your bathroom. Ensure to use vibrant paint colors to offer a bright look.
  1. Toilet fixing, not replacements:

The cost of getting a new toilet set and the required supplies for installation and a professional’s service can cause a rise in your expenses. Instead of going for a total replacement of your existing toilet, you should do a simple fix or update. You can replace the toilet seat or lid rather than throwing away the entire toilet set.

  1. Opt for cheaper alternatives:​ 

Tiling can be expensive. There are other good alternatives to tilework like beadboard, wood panels, etc. You can also consider vinyl tiling for your bathroom flooring and wainscoting for the walls.For your countertops, tiles seem to be the least expensive of the surfaces used. Granites and other stone surfaces are expensive, so opt for a tiled countertop, which gives you a similar feel and appearance as the stone surfaces.

Also, save more money by purchasing a basic ceramic sink. Rather than spending a fortune getting a sink of a particular brand, cut down your costs and go for a cheaper but quality one. No one will be able to tell the difference.

  1. Use open shelves instead of cabinetry:

    Cabinetry is one of the most costly aspects of bathroom renovation, especially if you have to replace all your existing cabinets or need many storage spaces. Instead of cabinetry, shelving is a better and cheaper alternative. It offers the same storage space as the cabinets yet at a lesser cost.
  1. Consider refinishing some bathroom items instead of replacing them:​ 

Removal and replacement of bathroom items such as tubs, taps, shower bases, etc., might raise your budget and the costs required to remodel your bathroom. It might also require the services of an expert who will need money in turn as a remuneration. If all these bathroom items are still in good shape and are functional, resist the urge to replace them. If you wish to replace the items because of aesthetic reasons, consider other alternatives to renew them rather than replace them. You can repaint the cabinet or refinish the tubs or washbasins to provide a more attractive coating. 

  1.  Save labour costs:

One best way to save money is to do what you can do by yourself. Volunteering to do some labor work during your bathroom renovation will help cut down labor costs and help you save more money. You might not be able to do the heavy and complicated ones, but simple tasks like cleaning up after the renovation can save money.

The cost of remodeling a bathroom might be difficult to estimate, as it depends on several factors. Some of the determining factors include where you live, the size of your bathroom, the kind of fixtures and materials you choose, and the professionals you hire. If you’re looking to save some money, companies like Complete Bathroom Renovations have a great reputation for budget bathroom renovations that don’t sacrifice quality for affordability. OF course, the prices of their services will vary depending on the size of the required job. Alternatively, if you have experience in renovations you may want to consider attempting the renovation on your own. YouTube channels like “Fix This Build That” outline some handy tips that could save you money (as seen in the following video): 


It’s good to know and plan your expenses and how to keep them within your pocket range before you decide to renovate your bathroom. Consider all the determining factors and decide how to save more money while trying to achieve your dream bathroom. 

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