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How to Renovate a Kitchen on a Budget

Are you thinking about renovating a kitchen on a budget? The kitchen is where we spend most of our time, and no one likes a messy and unorganized kitchen. A kitchen renovation can be expensive. On average, renovations cost $10,000 for small kitchens with minimal changes. It can go up to $50,000 with the custom renovation and high-end appliances for large-spaced kitchens. Most people don’t know how to proceed for kitchen renovation with a limited budget. Here are some tips to follow to renovate your kitchen without coughing up a fortune.

Unique Design

Purpose For Renovation

Everyone has different tastes. Homeowners renovate their kitchen for a couple of reasons like:

  • Kitchen is messy, falling apart and out of shape. 
  • Your kitchen doesn’t carry modern decor.
  • Want to enhance the value of your property

If you have an old constructed home, then most of it looks falling apart and needs repair. In this case, you’ll need a full kitchen renovation and expand your budget. If your kitchen is newly built but doesn’t carry a modern look and appeal, you can fix it with little changes in cupboards and cabinets. For such renovations, the renovation can be done on a low budget. Despite having all kitchen amenities, you want to make it look gorgeous and vibrant to get a good resale. Then it can be done in an affordable way. 

Make a Detailed Plan

Plan your kitchen renovation, list down what is most important to you. Consider a few options and calculate estimates. Consulting with the renovation contractors, get estimates and look for various design ideas. Having a clear renovation picture will help you go as planned and prevent frequent changes. It can keep the renovation cost in the budget. 

Hire a reputable contractor

List down your priorities, it’s exciting to start, but the cost can increase twofold if you deviate from your plan. Hiring a kitchen designer or renovation expert will save you a lot of money. Companies like Unique Design have a great reputation for installations that are highly affordable without sacrificing aesthetics. With their services, you’ll be able to trust that they’ll have an open ear to your interpretations so you can end up with a design closer to the one you’re envisioning. 

How to Do Renovation On A Budget?

A modern kitchen consists of many components like cabinets, drawers, doors, benchtops, sinks, and tiles. Most of the time, the kitchen cabinet holds a good shape, and only its components fall apart. So, overhauling the existing cabinets can save you a lot of money. Replace the cabinet components. You can do it yourself, or consult a cabinet maker, who can still make it on budget. The cabinets can be renovated in the following manner:

  • Repaint the cabinets, its doors and fronts would save you money. 
  • Replace exposed panels and drawer handles rather than replacing the cabinets entirely. 
  • Change the old benchtop with a new. 
  • If you have new tiles installed recently, but they turned dull. Then tile resurfacing can give them a great look and save enough money. 
  • Over time, doors begin to lose and don’t move freely. Replace the door hinges and repaint the doors. 
  • Kitchen drawers won’t slide smoothly, get them repaired as it takes less budget. 
  • If there is congestion in drawers and need more space, consider buying flatpack drawers. These drawers come at the affordable price range. 
  • Replace an old pantry with a new one that would make things more organized in the kitchen and give it an aesthetic look. 

These small replacements can put a huge impact on your kitchen redesign. You can add extra accessories if you want a lavish kitchen with modern appliances. Home appliances are pricey but due to competition, you can find competitive prices. All these tips can get you a marvelous kitchen look. 

Renovating a kitchen on a budget can be daunting, but finishing and replacing the old components can make it a success. This approach saves a lot of money while getting modern decor in the kitchen. Focus on your needs; don’t spend too much on expensive appliances.  If you can’t do this yourself, you should leave it to professionals who specialize in renovating a kitchen on a budget. 

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